Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Taking a Break

Just to let you know this last week has been quiet on the blog and I have really enjoyed a well earned break.
Most of the time I am with my kids or relaxing with my wife.The time spent alone reading and doodling has been so important too. I got up the ronks today and just did ollie manuals and slappies.That was very cool I am hooked on this. I have a new board to set up and look forward to another go tomorrow perhaps?
Main focus is to just take a break for a few weeks and let skating take a bit of a backseat. Still do a little bit here and there you know I did wallrides at the barrier spot on Saturday. All my sculptures are painted up masonary white so I sleep well at night.These are my thought because holidays help bring fresh energy to the body and mind. Back to Isolation. G.

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