Monday, 29 August 2011

Caretake and Regulate

Tonight I cleaned up the glass at the barrier but I think a resweep before a session is nessacery.
A light bit of repointing at the Bronxwood should dry this week and then I will sweep that spot.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Glassed and Stoned

Went out  for a distance skate with dave today only to find the barrier had been glassed.Then we went to stratford for a roll with crill and biffa on my way home I looked in at the bronks to find it had been stoned and obuldered. Any way no major damage to the spots just a reminder to take a broom and look forward to the school holidays ending soon.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Neil Blender where are you?

All part of the deathray recreational program is music therapy music therapy with the zombies.
A big thank you to Dave and James for bringing scanalog to life and making me a real life band leader,skateboarder,artist .Neil blender want to be yeah thats me . Any how it was great we must
do this again one day.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Back in the Day

This little video link took me back to the first miniramp I ever skated. Before this ramp the ramps i skated were all small versions of a vert ramp sort of a midi.Very intimidating for a beginner. Thats how it was in the late 80s.
The skinny skater in the shorts with the shaved head inspired me and countless other skateboarders to get gnarly.It was a real special place at this ramp where I started to get the basics together on tranny after skating street for two years. Paul Dixon is the name of that skinny skater and if you ever see him skate in real life you will be stoked. Yeah Paul.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ronkswood Ollies

Jungle Nick 2010 A and E hump ollie
I have been really into this so called holiday vibe and thought I should update the goings on. A bit of shopping in birmingham yesterday with my good lady was very nice. We looked in Ideal to see the temporary shop full of wood and Kris very positive for the future of the shop. Back at the ronks after lunch I had a mellow session on the new hip.You cant beat just popping ollies on a new deck. The local scooter kids were not that keen on the set up so thats good news for me.A nice peacefull skate. Get up there this weekend if you can because who knows how long it will last?Seven years would be nice,or seven months,weeks,days,hours,minutes?Back to isolation for me today.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Taking a Break

Just to let you know this last week has been quiet on the blog and I have really enjoyed a well earned break.
Most of the time I am with my kids or relaxing with my wife.The time spent alone reading and doodling has been so important too. I got up the ronks today and just did ollie manuals and slappies.That was very cool I am hooked on this. I have a new board to set up and look forward to another go tomorrow perhaps?
Main focus is to just take a break for a few weeks and let skating take a bit of a backseat. Still do a little bit here and there you know I did wallrides at the barrier spot on Saturday. All my sculptures are painted up masonary white so I sleep well at night.These are my thought because holidays help bring fresh energy to the body and mind. Back to Isolation. G.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

varial nollie Dan flip

It is still dry here in Worcester but not for long by the looks of a monsoon approaching from Wales and the North so me Dan and A-Dog will hit the streets this morning.We will be at Ronkswood at 11 if anyone is down get in there.
Keep rolling.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Working Working Working

This last few days saw my solo build of the Big Ron Hip and later on after I got finished I had a nice little skate at the skatepark with Ben and Liam. I am feeling the effects of all this to my not so young body but got busy last night dismantelling a mini ramp. All worthwhile for the summertime won't last forever and nor will my body.
Stay Strong G.
Liam with the boardslide

Ben with the Nosegrind

G with the wifebeater ollie

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Coming to a derilict hospital near you.

The Big ron hip 

Soapbar ledge/kicker

Yeah Buddy

Wallies Forever

Monday, 1 August 2011

Mini Full Pipes


Deep in the shire, the mini fulls fool us all.

Weekends Over

Hello planet people hope your weekend has been fun and full of getting rad outside.
A very busy few days for myself painting up the Bronxwood and popping curbs ready
for stage 3 The Hip. I see the old factory land by the barrier has been sold so I will be up
there soon giving it a good send off. Last night the search for the Cotterridge was successfull
Fun is all you find with the mini full pipes I cant wait to see what I will find next.
Keep searching.