Thursday, 1 September 2016


is this skateboarding
A lot of skaters with autistic tendencies tend to find the endeavour rewarding because they will be able to take control of the activity to suit there own outcome. Accept some of the people on the autistic spectrum may find it hard not to be setting extremely high standards of their performance. This then leads people away from rewarding the good work of building up skills that do not result in the finished trick or movement.

This is why I am now becoming more comfortable with being out of control whilst in control. It is important to have high standards and to keeping chipping away at the next skill you wish to learn. Just remember that you are supposed to feel a sense of achievement even when it is just a small development in your overall life in skateboarding.

I would not have found that skateboarding in contests made me aware that it is an achievement to conquer mental pressure and overcome nerves without trying in the first place. Maybe this is not skateboarding to some people, but I was amazed that I got myself to be in a situation that is out of my control, whilst being in control, skateboarding.

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