Friday, 19 August 2011

Ronkswood Ollies

Jungle Nick 2010 A and E hump ollie
I have been really into this so called holiday vibe and thought I should update the goings on. A bit of shopping in birmingham yesterday with my good lady was very nice. We looked in Ideal to see the temporary shop full of wood and Kris very positive for the future of the shop. Back at the ronks after lunch I had a mellow session on the new hip.You cant beat just popping ollies on a new deck. The local scooter kids were not that keen on the set up so thats good news for me.A nice peacefull skate. Get up there this weekend if you can because who knows how long it will last?Seven years would be nice,or seven months,weeks,days,hours,minutes?Back to isolation for me today.

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