Thursday, 3 January 2013

What A Day

Tuesday was a though lesson in making street skating happen when all is aginst you. We could have given up so easily. Dan and I presevered the wet ground, shopping car parks that are always busy and a lack of spots in general. It felt like a reward to get some ollies and flips happenning amid this collection of obsticles.
 My perspective on it is one of hope and how easy it is to have none at all. So if your wondering why a skatepark does not always provide fullfillment it might be because the element of discovery has been taken away. Perhaps I see the governments take this experience away from most the beauty of lifes endevour. Unless its additction to gambling, drugs, crime ,food or technological misbehaviour?
Please if you can, have the hope to get out there and discover your town or village no matter how small it is. Some people just have a driveway or patio.Others just some concrete on the side of  a country lane. Is that street skating?
I don't really know what you call it and I don't care. Just try it out if want because it's cool to find a little boardslide or a bank that you never knew about.

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