Monday, 6 June 2011

The Fanzine Vault

Monday brings new creative ideas for future fanzines,concrete building and skateboarding .
I have spent last week in the vault of Deathray Zombie and have packaged up some nice Fanzine 
deals if anybody wants to know whats up in the skateboard world of the undead.
Pack 1 has the first 3 hand drawn/written fanzines D.R.Z. 1,2,AND 3 for £1.00
Pack 2 has D.R.Z. 4 and 5 full length stories hand drawn/ written for £1.00
Pack 3 has D.R.Z 6 full colour photo feature scene zine £1.50
If your lucky enough to know anyone on the mailing list you will know each edition is unique.
Email for your copy now and receive a special present with these 
one off packs. Who knows i could do the Flatbank Quarterpipe Driveway archive next.

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